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What is #CBD oil?

What are the benefits of CBD? How does CBD work?

The benefits and physiological effects of CBD on the human body.

A couple of years ago a remarkable thing happened when CBD oil became legal in all 50 states. If you remove CBD from the THC coming from the cannabis plant or the hemp plant, CBD oil is now legal to use as a nutritional supplement.

Since that time of course, the market for #cannabis oil has exploded with interest. Truly, CBD is not just another nutritional supplement. This short conversation is going to describe the intense scientific research that is going on around the world on the benefits of CBD, or cannabidiol.

One of the benefits of cannabidiol is that it causes a cascade of Homeostasis through our entire central nervous system and our entire immune system

The endo-cannabinoid system is a network of cells throughout our body that have receptors for CBD. In fact, there are more receptors for CBD in our body than any other kind of receptor.

So the endo-cannabinoid system is truly the largest network of its kind throughout our entire physiology.

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