April 1, 2020

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**Never a dull moment in the cannabis world–it’s bad news for New York, but good news for Colorado today, and one person’s advice for dealing with coronavirus is getting him into some hot water. It’s Wednesday, April 1st and this is your TRICHOMES Morning Buzz.

**Well, it’s official: New York will not have adult-use cannabis legalized this year

High Times reports, New Yorkers will sadly have to wait another year before recreational adult-use cannabis gets legalized. Governor Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday that legalization for recreational use will not be included in this year’s budget deal.

“Too much, too little time,” he said at a press briefing on the COVID-19 pandemic. Cuomo had included a plan for legalization in his budget proposal. The deadline for the budget was Tuesday when the state’s fiscal year ends. Cuomo said last month that he doubted legalization could get done outside the budget.

The news marks another disappointment for the legalization effort in the Empire State. In his annual State of the State address in January, Cuomo called for an end to the state’s prohibition on cannabis. “New York at her best is the progressive capital of the nation, and we must fulfill that destiny again this year,” he said at the time.

**Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, The Governor of Massachusetts has been urged to let adult-use cannabis shops resume business operations

According to MJ Biz Daily, Governor Charlie Baker received requests from two different groups to reverse his decision and declare recreational cannabis businesses as “essential” and, thus, allow them to remain open during the coronavirus crisis.

The governor heard from a diverse group, including regulators and doctors, that argued permitting adult-use cannabis sales would be in line with stay-at-home orders in other states.

A dozen Democratic state legislators also pointed out in a letter to the governor that Massachusetts recreational cannabis retailers were forced to close under an emergency order Baker signed March 23rd that listed liquor stores as essential businesses.

However, they brought up the point that “regulations were put in place” by Massachusetts voters in 2016 to treat recreational cannabis in a similar fashion to the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Closing adult-use cannabis stores is causing “great harm to our local businesses,” the lawmakers said.

Baker said when he signed his order that he did not include recreational cannabis stores as essential businesses because he feared out-of-state consumers would come to Massachusetts to shop, potentially spreading the coronavirus.

**Further west in Colorado, cannabis retailers get the nod to resume in-store sales

Colorado regulators delivered good news to the state’s recreational cannabis store operators: they can resume selling their products inside their storefronts.

The state Marijuana Enforcement Division bulletin informing cannabis businesses they can allow customers in their stores comes only days after the governor told retailers to limit transactions to curbside pickups in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Democratic Gov. Jared Polis’ March 25th “stay-at-home” order allowed cannabis retailers to stay open as “critical businesses.” However, the order banned in-store sales and allowed only curbside service for adult-use transactions.

Under the MED’s amended bulletin, dated March 30th, recreational cannabis businesses are “no longer prohibited from allowing retail customers on the licensed premises.”

However, cannabis retailers are permitted to restrict customers to the lobby or the waiting area. They also are allowed to continue curbside sales for preordered, prepaid cannabis products, according to the latest bulletin.

**Former NFL player Kyle Turley is getting some jeers for claiming CBD can cure Coronavirus

According to Marijuana Moment, former NFL player Kyle Turley believes CBD can prevent and cure coronavirus—and he’s not backing down on that clinically unsubstantiated claim despite pushback from cannabis legalization supporters and prohibitionists alike.

In fact, he accused those advocates of cowardice, alleging in an interview with Marijuana Moment that they’re afraid of the consequences of spreading what he claims is the “truth” about cannabis. He also said he would welcome Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforcement against his CBD company over these COVID-19 claims and would use such an action as an opportunity to expose the government for covering up the medical potential of the plant.

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