"Legalized 4:20 in Georgia" Official Movie Trailer

“Legalized 4:20 in Georgia” The Official Movie Trailer
AW Films & Voltron Production Studios
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Directed By: Antoine B. Watkins Sr. “Voltron Productions Studios”, Enrique Rene Zarate “Frame By Rate LLC.”, Markus Oskarsson “www.markusmaro.com”
Trailer Written by
Kimberly Washington, Antoine B. Watkins Sr., Author Essence Ester
Location Scouting and Casting:
Antoine B. Watkins Sr., Kimberly Smalls, Location Scout: Marsha Ashraf & Dustin Tucker
Cannabis is killing cancer cells in kids. Join us in telling their stories & setting the record straight. This is a story of many people that come from all walks of life but have the same goal in life. They all either enjoy, create, sale, study, or grow medical marijuana. Georgia is one of the later states to approve medical marijuana so there is a large amount of people that are waiting on this to be approved along with another group of people that are totally against it. Medical Marijuana will help Georgia in several ways that are all beneficial for everyone in this state.
Casting, Product Placement, Sponsors, Investors, Distribution for movie: Email [email protected] or call 4044827306

Main Characters for Legalized…4:20 in Georgia
1. BONNIE PRICE- 20’s, African American. Trendy, smart, and business minded. Valley girl turned street-smart chick.
2. MR. PRICE – 50’s, African American. Distinguished, slender build. Bonnie’s father.
3. MRS. PRICE- 50’s, Mixed Ethnicity, beautiful. Long dark hair, still has a bad figure. Bonnie’s mother.
4. VICK PRICE- 30’s, African American, cool dude.
5. SPENCE THA GOD- Early 20’s, African American, Lab Geek. Very smart, nerdy, slender build and wears glasses.
6. CONNOR- 18-20, Mixed Ethnicity, Lab Geek. A little cooler than Spence but still nerdy.
7. LA’KEISHA- 20-25, Caucasian, strong southern accent. Lab partner of Spence and Connor. No-nonsense, wears glasses.
8. RAVEN- 20-25, African American, sexy dancer. Bonnie’s friend.
9. ALFIE- 20’s, Caucasian. Grungy, hippie look. Takes Bonnie in.
10. ONYX- 20’s-30’s, African American, neighborhood dope man. Thuggish look.
11. RICO- Early 20’s, African American. Onyx’s lil dope boy –in- training. Makes runs for Onyx.
12. SENATOR JAKE JACOBS- 40’s, Caucasian, slender build. Totally against legalizing medical marijuana.
13. JENNA JACOBS- 10, Caucasian. Very sickly cancer patient. Senator’s Jacob’s daughter.
14. MS. STEWART- 40’s, Caucasian. Average house mom look. Senator’s Jacobs estranged ex-wife. Jenna’s mother.
15. GOVERNOR RILEY NOBEL- 50’s, Caucasian, heavy set. Contemplating legalizing marijuana completely in Georgia.
16. STATE REP. MARK EDWARDS- 40’s, African American. Clean cut. Against legalizing marijuana.
17. DEJA SMITH- 8-10, African American. Jenna’s best friend. Suffers from sickle cell.
18. TRACY SMITH- 30’s-40’s, African American. Ms. Stewart’s friend, Deja’s mother. She’s an advocate for medical marijuana.
19. RAMEER BHASKAR- 30’s, Middle Eastern, Jenna’s and Deja’s doctor.
20. EBONY WALKER- 20’s, Any Ethnicity. Dr. Bhaskar’s assistant. Jenna’s and Deja’s nurse.
21. FUDO- 30’s, Asian. Biggest dealer in Atlanta. Always wears suits.
22. CHIN DAI- 20’s-30’s, Asian, Fudo’s right hand man.
23. OFFICER CRAIG- 30’s-40’s, African American. Stocky and arrogant.
24. OFFICER LOS- 30’s, Latino. Officer Craig’s partner
25. HENRY DEAN- 40’s-50’s, Any ethnicity. Chief of police.
Casting, Product Placement, Sponsors, Investors, Distribution for movie: Email [email protected] or call 4044827306

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