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Canadian Protein Vegan Protein Blend Powder 22g of Plant-Based Protein Vanilla Flavoured Workout Recovery Drink | 2 kg of Contains Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein and Hemp Protein

22g OF PROTEIN - All natural premium vegan protein blend powders work in a whole variety of different ways, especially for people who are looking to actively bulk up and pack muscle mass onto their frames. The proteins found in each of the three sources will help to promote muscle growth and repair, as they help the body to initiate protein synthesis, which is a crucial part of post-workout recovery PLANT-BASED PROTEIN - The vegan protein blend contains 22g of purely plant-based protein coming from three vegan friendly sources: Pea protein isolate, brown rice protein and hemp protein MUSCLE GROWTH - Just like other forms of protein, this macronutrient is required for the growth, repair, and maintenance of muscle tissue. Without adequate amounts of protein each day, the body will struggle to maintain its current muscle mass percentages, and it will subsequently begin eating away at existing muscle tissue. These proteins give the body what it needs to grow and repair itself, allowing users to gradually increase their muscle mass levels