Wild Wild West of CBD (Hempworx in the News!)

The issue is that hemp and the oil it produces – cannabidiol, commonly called CBD – has become so popular so fast that it has led to people getting into the industry to make a quick buck.

“The problem with that is, they’re willing to put out any kind of oil – no matter how low-quality, no matter what’s in it, no matter if it’s been tested or not, third party, no matter if it has a certificate of analysis on it — they don’t care as long as they can get a label of CBD oil and get something in a bottle on that shelf,” Halls said. “Just because a label says, ‘500 mgs,’ doesn’t mean you’re going to have 500 mgs in that bottle.”

Halls says you need to make sure you buy a product that is organic and has the independent laboratory test to prove it, as well as the seal of approval of the US Hemp Authority.

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